2016 / 2017 / 2018

Buenos Aires City – Argentina

Exhibition of magazine covers from all over the world, of all times, with every human facial expression, people and characters faces, known and unknown ones. It shows the human gender though the diversity of its expressions. The exhibition has grown each time Gaspar Café gourmet cafeterias opened a new store, giving it a unique leading atmosphere and decoration. While consuming in the stores, clients enjoy the exhibition observing the impact it produces the variety of more than 700 magazines issues hung in every wall. It invites them to curiously dialogue with the different faces which form a giant collage difficult to avoid its shocking view.

It goes from similarities and differences to resemblance and oppositions. All kind of ethnic group, race, styles and esthetics are included. To see the world through the “eyes” of the faces, features and expressions which are portrayed, photographed or drawn in all kind of magazine covers. A collage which dialogues with the observer, questioning him on the human diversity just through the face, unique, incredible, simple, rare, common, known or forgotten created in all times and places. The exhibition forms a square design in each wall, creating a visual playground as if it were a “mirror” in which the observer becomes the observed.

Men and women, adults and children are entwined by diversity, but joined by similar expressions, allowing us a general interpretation of how we show ourselves. “FACES” plays with its meaning. In Spanish it would be phase, parts, opposite, and in English “countenance, image, face”.

  • To the owners and creators of Gaspar Café.

  • And very specially to Hugo Zanón, from IDEA2 Espectáculos, for suggesting the Cantafio Collection to decorate it.