Eva Peron, worldwide known as “Evita”, represents one of the main Argentinean Cultural Brands in the world, and through who Argentina is identified, known, appreciated and remembered; a historic character who has arisen feelings of love and hate at the same time, passion and disappointment, political and social impulse, thus the deserved title of Immortal Argentinean.

This central theme has more than 6000 graphic items, in different languages, from different countries and having more than six decades of publications, from the classic covers of the first Peronism period to nowadays. It includes newspapers, magazines, books, records and DVDs covers; flyers, cards, catalogues, stamps, posters, etc. An exhibition prepared to show, celebrate and honor, in a cultural event, the grandiose figure, life and work of EVITA.

It could be carried out including audiovisual exhibition rooms, scenography sculptures, a pictorial wall, panels with large prints, all the original pieces of the Collection, audio-musical installation rooms, and a particular installation to recreate the moments of grief after her death; among other attractions.