Each magazine, beyond its specific kind, expresses different contents and circumstances belonging to its time and period. Through their covers, we can be informed, find different points of view of the historical facts and people, get acquainted with the graphic art, its first great illustrators, portrait painters and photographers, up to nowadays digital art designers showing incredible views by using the technology.

A look which pretends to demonstrate quality and variety of past time magazines as well as the most recent ones, from different origins, and showing various facts, themes and people in order to create a sort of review of the diversity these pieces (magazines) represented and still do as cultural meaning in each society; and particularly until the digital editions end up to extinguish completely from its physical existence as tangible objects to its digital intangible format.

The selection made gives a small journey though world iconic magazines, showing some resounding facts, leading figures of the arts, sports, culture and politics to portrait a magazine cover. There are also classic and rare issues, some very unknown magazines and some very famous ones.

The professional criteria chosen for this central theme considers the analysis known as R.O.I. (Relevance. Originality. Impact). Based on these three very clear and specific concepts to consider if an editorial, journalistic or advertising piece is creative or not, and if it can capture the reader’s approval, affect and inspire him.

The main idea is to show, in a small dose, an artistic and creative universe that a cover may express to stroll through its time, theme and creators, who have been working and thinking about “that to be shown” in each cover in order to hold the reader’s attention.